Michael Donohoe

Product & Engineering + UX Advocate

IRL: Chief Product Officer at Rest of World.

Past Life: VP of Product Technology at Hearst, Director of Product Engineering at The New YorkerQuartz, and before that various roles at The New York Times. Its all on LinkedIn.

Present on BlueSky, sometimes on Instagram, and previously on Twitter (archive). You can find contributions I’ve made on Github and StackOverflow.

Side Projects

  • The Last Word: A basic art project to ties together article image with their closing lines.
    Also available as a bot on Bluesky.
  • Bluesky API Framework: A simple PHP-based implementation to post links and images to Bluesky.
  • Mixtape: My own go-to personal music list. No need for a Spotify account.
  • JS-PNG Encoder — Life is too short to do something useful so why not encode all your site’s Javascript code into a PNG image and then decode it on demand.
  • Tiny Blocker — A tiny (8kb) but very powerful experimental ad blocking extension.
  • Bylines — Monitor prominence of stories by gender across media homepages, starting with The New York Times (INACTIVE)
  • Article Leaderboard — Daily updated web performance leaderboard to foster discussion and rivalry in making our pages better, faster, and lighter.
  • Simple GDPR Lockdown — A simple way to ensure compliance with EU directives on privacy.
  • Alice Docs — A quick and easy publishing framework utilizing Google Docs.

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